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One important role of a property manager is that of liaison between the landlord and the tenant. Duties of property management include accepting rent, responding to and addressing maintenance issues, advertising vacancies, and doing credit and background checks on tenants.

In exchange for the service provided, property managers charge landlords a monthly fee.   A fee is also secured for locating a tenant.   Property managers may also manage construction, development, repair and maintenance on a property for a fee.

Property manager relations with tenants gives a face to the landlord and provides a buffer for those landlords desiring to distance themselves from their tenant.

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  • Advertise effectively to minimize the period of vacancy.
  • Advise what can be done to make your rental as appealing as possible. 
  • Coordinate cleaning and repairs to prepare the property for new tenants.
  • Meet with prospective tenants during vacancies and use our experience to make every attempt to obtain desirable tenants.
  • Explain tenant criteria and expectations to prospective tenants and keep prospective tenant(s) informed throughout the screening process.
  • Screen prospective tenants. Screenings involve a credit report, any reported evictions, current and previous landlord reports, and verification of employment.
  • Explain lease terms and tenant obligations.
  • Collect rent cheques.
  • Help new tenants transfer the appropriate utility accounts into their own names and follow up with the utility companies to inform them of the change.​
  • Walk-through inspections with tenant prior to move-in to assure all questions are answered.